Cashido Cabozi System

Micro Bubble Washing System

– Gentle, full-body massage.
– Deep clean your skin pores.
– Leaves skin feeling young and radiant.
– Improve skin tone.
– Total relaxation.

Anion Production

As shown by SGS test, the Cabozi system can create over 1,236,000 anions per c.c.

Kill Bacteria

Ozone is non-toxic and colorless. It can efficiently remove odors and kill bacteria.

250 Times Smaller Bubble Size

Cashido Micro Bubbles are 0.2 microns in size. Making them stay in water for a longer time.

Electrical Overload Protection

Ensures the safety of all users.

Save Energy and Space

Patented system will remove residual water and clean the pump and hoses each time you bathe