About Homemama

Our Story

In 2014, Home Mama won Asia Top Excellence Health Products Award from Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand Recognition. Foreseeing a better future and greater health needs, Home Mama working with Cashido, offers Ozone Sanitizer 10 Second Machine in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. We are expecting a further expand market share into other South East Asia countries. Cashido’s 10 Second Machine not only provides solution to household customers, but also provide commercial machine for different industries such as restaurants, hotels, pet shops, bird nest factories, schools and more.

Home Mama Equipment (Asia) Sdn Bhd is established in 2013 by Mr Alan Lee Kok Hong, as a subsidiary of Grand Advance Technology Sdn Bhd, which aims to provide greener home appliances products and lifestyle products in Malaysia and South East Asia.

Over the years, Home Mama stays active in providing products such as robotic vacuum machine, LED light bulbs, Home Lohas hydroponic gardening system and etc. since its date of operation. These products are also aimed to fulfill healthier lifestyles with innovative technology, part of demanded by Malaysians nowadays.